Top 3 // 1 December 2016

The three events you shouldn’t miss this week.

Molotov Jukebox


Wednesday 7 December, 7:30pm

If you haven’t come across Molotov Jukebox, you may well know their front-woman, Natalia Tena who has a second life as a successful actress, appearing in Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. She and her merry band of party-makers come to Fibbers to liven York up with their own brand of energetic funk. Expect to dance the night away!

‘King Lear’ by the York Shakespeare Project

Upstage Theatre, 41 Monkgate, York

Ongoing until Saturday 10th December

The York Shakespeare Project are currently in the middle of an ongoing production of King Lear, being performed at 41 Monkgate. Directed by Ben Prusiner, the team have a good history of putting on similar performances and have a lot of experience between them, so whether you are a Shakespeare nut or just a theatre fan – this might be just up your street!


Jackson – Live in Concert

York Barbican

Wednesday 7th, 7pm

Talented singer and dancer Ben is here in York to put on a mesmerising, energetic and dynamic performance as a taste of what it was like to experience Michael Jackson live in concert. There will only ever be one Michael Jackson and though he is sadly missed, his legacy will continue well into the future. He was the greatest entertainer, a musical legend and creative genius who will continue to inspire countless people across the world for generations to come.


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