Jaws, Simplicity.

English indie pop band  Jaws formed in Birmingham have released their second album Simplicity. 

By Jane Howkins. 

Birmingham indie outfit Jaws released their second full length album last month, and it’s definitely a different beast to their début release Be Slowly, be it one that has been received fairly well by fans and critics alike – and for good reason too.

Whilst Be Slowly was a fun album, it portrayed the sound of a young band, fresh into the recording studio. Simplicity still has the a similar sound to the band’s début, but it’s a lot more mature, showing how much Jaws have grown over the past couple of years, both as men and as musicians. Older songs featured tales of young love and ideals, whereas the tracks here have a lyrical content that seems a lot wiser, in terms of song topics and the vocal delivery of frontman Connor Schofield. 17 in particular shows a certain maturity to proceedings, as well as an introduction to the band’s electronic side.

Simplicity is also not as rough as their previous effort, with a cleaner sound and better production value making the songs clear throughout. There’s more of an edge, with the band pushing further at the musical boundaries than they did before. It’s not perfect but it’s a definite improvement and there’s a lot of potential here. Jaws are a bit different to most indie bands, with alternative rock and electronic elements present on the majority of the songs. Lead single What We Haven’t Got Yet is a boisterous indie ditty that sounds subtle at first but will get you coming back for more, whilst In The Morning is a driving rock anthem with an interesting guitar based rhythm that immediately stands out.

It’s great to hear a band of this genre branching out a little more because indie music can occasionally get a bit samey – as anyone who remembers the term ‘landfill indie’ might recall. Jaws still have a bit of a ways to go in terms of truly defining themselves but they’re certainly on their way, and Simplicity is anything but simple, with a multitude of different styles vying for attention. It’s bigger and better than before, and with a little tweaking, Jaws could well be on the road to fame and fortune.