9 albums to look forward to in 2017

If 2016 was a good year for studio releases, 2017 is already promising to beat it. Many young local bands are expected to reach the milestone of a full-length release and we’re going to see the return of some international names. Head Writer Jane Howkins and Editor in Chief Graeme Smith run down some of the albums they are anticipating this year.Photo: Rrose Sélavy by Johannes Hjorth

1. Bad Religion

It’s been four years since Bad Religion released their last album, and a new one is expected this year. Their last album True North was a return to the band’s glory days, so hopes are raised high for what will be their seventeenth studio release. JH

2. Minster Conspiracy

Local teenagers and Soundwaves 2017 finalists Minster Conspiracy have been in the studio recently recording a new track. Perhaps an album is on its way in 2017? Even without one, we expect it to be a big year for Minster Conspiracy, who have been gigging for so long now they are practically veterans of the York scene. GS

3. Brand New

This is another album that is highly anticipated, with it originally expected to have arrived at the tail end of 2016. Brand New are famously secretive about releases, but with fans predicting the band will break up in 2018, it’s hoped that this will arrive well before then. JH

4. Faux Pas

At the back-end of 2016, this local four-piece released their debut, self-titled EP. Already making a name for themselves, the inevitable full-length release will hopefully be on its way this year, cementing their place as York ones to watch. GS

5. Rrose Sélavy

York-born and now Cambridge-based Jade Cuttle, aka Rrose Sélavy, recently announced the imminent release of a new song The River, so we really hope this is a sign of an album on the horizon for 2017. The poetic singer/songwriter played at our first ever gig in 2015, and we’ve been following her career closely since. GS

6. Laura Marling

Marling recently released new single Soothing off her upcoming fifth album, titled Semper Femina. She’s constantly reinvented herself and changed her sound over the years, and the new single certainly sounds different, so it will be very interesting to hear the album. JH

7. InMe

Essex rockers InMe are in the middle of releasing a trio of albums, aptly titled with the word ‘trilogy’ in the titles. The first in the series was called Trilogy:Dawn and was a really catchy chunk of hard rock, so it will be interesting to see how the concept continues on their next release. JH

8. Birdman Rallies

In November and December, York/Harrogate’s Birdman Rallies released new tracks A Hammer For Your Fist and Poppies, so it’s fair to assume a new album will follow in 2017. Poppies takes off where their previous release Real River left off, but with a pacier, punkier feeling. GS

9. The Menzingers

The Menzingers have already released a couple of singles from their upcoming album After The Party, and things are sounding good so far! The indie/punk band have never produced a bad album and are a great live act, so this should hopefully be one of the better rock albums of the year. JH