Jade Helliwell, Forget The Night

Singer-songwriter Jade Helliwell released her second E.P. Forget the Night last October.

By Jane Howkins.

   Jade Helliwell released her second E.P. Forget The Night back in October, climbing up the iTunes country charts to reach the number 2 spot, as well as hitting the normal iTunes chart in the 47th position. We enjoyed Jade’s 2015 full length release Secrets very much, and are pleased to announce that Forget The Night is even better.

What’s immediately apparent is the progress Jade has made in the last couple of years. Her music was great already, but on her latest E.P. things have been kicked up a notch, and it’s great to be able to hear an artist progressing and evolving – as all artists should. There’s a clarity to the production that sounds excellent. A lot of work has obviously been put into the technical side of things but it never sounds too clean, with a crispness present that all producers should aspire to. It’s quite surprising for a more independent artist to have this sort of sound on an E.P., but it shows that anything is possible, and this approach has clearly worked out well for Jade.

However, there’s no point in having good sound production if the songs are bad, so it’s good that Jade doesn’t seem to have that problem. Each of the five tracks on Forget The Night are excellent, and to our ears there’s no bad song among them. For those that way inclined, there are a couple of slower songs like Ask Me To Stay and Still On My Mind, which are both rather beautiful.

It’s the more upbeat songs where Jade really shines through though, with a stomping country rhythm echoing through the rest of the tracks. Our favourite song is the title track, which shows Jade’s sense of humour as she sings about being hit on by a guy in a bar. These tracks also remind us a little of Scottish singer-songwriter Amy Macdonald at her most country, and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Now, another album please Jade!