Israel Nash

We interviewed American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Israel Nash to discuss his tour with Band of Horses and his latest and future E.P’s/ albums.

Interview by Jane Howkins.

You’re going on tour in February with Band Of Horses in February. How did that come about?

I met those dudes over time at festivals and shows. Really incredible people, the real deal. So then I bugged them about playing some shows and they were kind enough to bring me along. =)

Were you already a fan of the band, and are you excited about the tour?

Yes! and Yes!

Your last release was a collaborative E.P. with The Bright Light Social Hour last year, titled Neighbors. Why did you decide to collaborate, and how did that happen?

You just meet so many people when you’re out and about playing music in your life. Incredible people that share so much in common with you. I’m grateful for that. I’m fortunate those guys are Austin folk! Musical neighbours!

Would you ever consider working on another collaborative record, either with The Bright Light Social Hour or anyone else?

Of course, we’ve already talked about doing it again in the future. I love the collaboration spirit – it bonds souls!

Your last full album was released in 2015, with the title Israel Nash’s Silver Season. Do you have any plans for a new release anytime in the near future?

Workin’ on it!

When recording Silver Season, you recorded it in a studio that you built yourself called Plum Creek Sound. Why did you decide to build a studio and record the album there?

I wanted to have a place to work on my project and the projects of others. And a place my bandmates could work on stuff too. We have fun here. Hammerschloggin!

Would you want to record your next album at your studio? Is there anywhere else you would like to record?

Yes, here at Plum Creek, unless Pompeii is open….

Do you have any plans for a headlining tour over here? We’re sure you will gain a lot of new fans through the Band Of Horses tour!

I will be doing a handful of my own shows next month so that will be nice. New fans are cool, come join me…

Why do you think people should come and see you play, and what can people expect from an Israel Nash gig?

I like music that moves my soul and stirs my emotions and try to make music that does that. Sounds fun, right?! It is and it will be.

Any last words for the fans?

Love hugs and kisses. See ya soon!