Jonathan Morgan – The Bells Of Divinity

The Bells of Divinity EP is psychedelic multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Morgan’s latest release. The electronic tour de force unfolds over four tracks that combine low and earthly riffs with transcendent themes.

By Graeme Smith

Opener Solar Communion invokes a mystical ceremony, the riff is relentless, chant like and echoing vocals act as a kind of call to prayer. It’s a track that wouldn’t appear out of place during an action sequence of a Luc Besson film. Persian Astral welcomes a comparison to a Saucerful of Secrets-era Pink Floyd and it almost feels as if Morgan has taken over the controls and continues the journey to the heart of the sun.

Jonathan Morgan shared with us his love of Black Sabbath and this is apparent in track three Perseverance. The heavy rock chords and drums loop over the darkest side of The Bells Of Divinity and it doesn’t take much imagination to hear Ozzy’s unmistakable shouts over the top of the instrumental.

The EP closes on perhaps the most ecclesiastical track, To Swim in The Ocean of Becoming, a real celebration of Morgan’s love of mysticism.

Psych rock is a genre that has never had much press but has a devoted, international fan-base. The Bells Of Divinity is a credible addition to the canon and is bound to be adopted well by the community. It may even create a few converts too.

The Bells Of Divinity EP by Jonathan Morgan is available now on SoundCloud.