Luna Rosa – Luna Rosa EP

We had a listen to Corby band Luna Rosa’s self-titled EP. Here’s what we thought.

By Graeme Smith

If The Dead Weather were from Northamptonshire, they’d probably sound a bit like Luna Rosa. Jack White’s side-project were known for their bluesy, rough-around-the-edges riff rock and this is something the Corby 4-piece share. That’s about where the similarities end, though. White’s distinctive high-pitched vocals are something apart from Luna Rosa’s deep, English tones. Their themes are more anthemic too, closer to the likes of Kasabian or Stone Roses.

There’s consistency across Luna Rosa EP’s 6 tracks. There are tempo changes and mixing up of phrasing, but there’s nothing here that jars. Fans of opener The Fire Inside will not be disappointed as they move from track to track. This One (High On The Groove) gives away its style in its title, with a relentless groovy rhythm throughout. Aura in Bloom slows things down before picking up the pace again in the chorus.

Fever is the EPs showcase track, and is available as a free download on Bandcamp.  It’s the one with the chorus that is bound to provoke some singing along at live shows and gets stuck in your head after you’ve finished listening. The riffs are big and there are wailing guitars aplenty.

Luna Rosa boast having played over 200 shows since they formed in 2014. Live, they are clearly industrious, and it’s clear they put as much hard work into their recorded output. For fans of alternative British rock, this EP is a must-add to their collection.

Luna Rosa EP by Luna Rosa is available now on Bandcamp.