Currently lighting up Radio 1 playlists, Vant have been going from strength to strength of late. With an album on the way and a return to Yorkshire this month, playing The Wardrobe in Leeds on the 25th, we thought it high time to pose the boys some questions.

By Jane Howkins

You’re about to release your debut album, titled Dumb Blood. What can you tell us about that? 

Weve been building up to this moment now for the last two years, its an incredibly exciting time for us and I cant wait for people to hear it. I think the world needs a record like this right now. 

Were surprised to hear that youre only just releasing your debut album, as youve been on our radar for quite a while and youve been together as a band since 2014. Do you think that having such a gap before your debut release has been a good thing, giving you more time to perfect the songs? 

Its more a case of building a fanbase. We wanted it to have as much impact as possible. Weve been gigging pretty relentlessly since we formed and now were ready to release what is the culmination of those experiences. 

What is the writing and recording process like for you? Do you write much in the studio or do you get most of it done beforehand? 

We have jammed a few things in the studio, the start of Are We Free? is a great example of this. We experimented with a lot of different things as well there is a hoover on the record and our producers (at the time) unborn babys supersonic heartbeat but the core of the songs are written beforehand. 

Have you been writing songs since you finished recording Dumb Blood, or have you decided to take a bit of a break from that side of things? 

We have actually still been writing and recording, and we already have around nine completed tracks for the second record. Were adding to the pile as we go. 

We noticed you have quite a socially conscious message to a lot of your songs. What are your thoughts on things happening at the moment, and do you think this is something that will increase with current events being as they are? 

Fucked up stuff has been going on for a long time. Its just way more exposed then it ever has been with social media. I think this can only be a good thing that people are more aware but we need to start using our voices in the real world in order to prevent things from getting any worse. The time has come to fight for our rights and the next step is civil disobedience. 

As well as the standard edition of the album, youre also releasing a special edition. What extras will people get if they buy the deluxe version? 

It has 22 tracks! Also if you buy the Deluxe CD you are in with a chance of winning ‘guest list for life’ which we’re giving this away to 10 lucky people. 

Youre embarking on quite an extensive tour of the UK at the end of February and into March. Is there anywhere you are particularly looking forward to visiting? 

All of the shows are the biggest weve ever done so every single one will be great. Leeds & Manchester look like they are going to be the first to sell out and its always good to come back up North. The Electric Ballroom will be pretty special as well. 

In terms of support acts, what do you look for in a band and who would you like to take on tour with you? 

It would be some fall from grace if Nothing But Thieves could support us. We went out with those boys last year nice chaps! 

Why do you think people should come and see you play live, and what can people expect from a Vant gig?  

Its incredibly energetic and sweaty both onstage and off. More importantly its a way of releasing some steam off in a peaceful but chaotic manner, and scaring the shit out of the powers at be. 

Any last words for the fans? 

Rebel, dont take this shit anymore, talk to each other in the real world. Peace and love!

Vant play at The Wardrobe, Leeds on 25 February 2017.