Deaf Havana – All These Countless Nights

Deaf Havana have had somewhat of an odd past, having straddled multiple genres throughout their musical history. They’ve always stayed within the confines of rock but that’s a fairly expansive genre, and within that they’ve used an amalgamation of different musical stylings, such as folk, post-hardcore, and alternative rock. On All These Countless Nights the band have stayed firmly within the alternative rock genre, but there are hints of folk and pop-punk hidden away, sounding like a band continuing on their musical evolutionary process in a very natural way.

By Jane Howkins

An example of this genre mashing is fourth song Happiness, which sounds like a typical pop-punk ballad at first. However, it thankfully manages to avoid being cheesy like those songs can often be, with more of an alt-rock feel and even some folk elements present. ACTN is largely rock based, but it’s this subtle mixing of different styles that really adds something different Deaf Havana’s music, and it certainly makes for an interesting listen.

One thing that is immediately apparent is how infectious these songs truly are. Single Trigger is absolutely phenomenal and stands out straight away. Other songs like Fever and L.O.V..E. exhibit the same instant catchiness, but these songs aren’t like your typical catchy chart topper. They have substance and actual hooks, rather than the facade of a tune. Vocalist James Veck-Gilodi’s voice is absolutely on point this time around, with a huge breadth of emotion present in his singing – a huge highlight of the band’s sound. Most of the tracks on ATCN are big and anthemic, but there are also loads of little instrumental elements that subtly add to Deaf Havana’s great sound, such as the quirky percussion at the beginning of Trigger. The production on the album is very good too, adding a sharp quality to proceedings.

All These Countless Nights is a great album from a burgeoning band in the British rock scene. Give it a try – we think you might just like it!

All These Countless Nights by Deaf Havana is available now from the band’s website.