8 York punk bands you need in your life

There are a lot of great bands in York. Every night of the week showcases a different talent, from the DIY scenes of The Fulford Arms and The Crescent to the main stage at Fibbers. However, the city has been particularly affluent in terms of producing punk music, with many groups from all over the punk spectrum playing regularly in the city. Here are some of our favourites.

By Jane Howkins

Photo: Pewter City Punks by Chris Mackins

1. On The Ropes

On The Ropes are York’s very own answer to the likes of New Found Glory and Four Year Strong, with a style more aligned with pop-punk. Front-man Jonny Gill (who also occasionally performs solo) has a great voice for genre, mixing well with the music provided by the rest of the band.

2. The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven are one of York’s best loved bands, and with good reason. They’re a ska-punk collective who rather aptly describe themselves as ‘7-piece genre terrorists’, playing music that is perfect to skank to. They also play a lot of local gigs, so be sure to catch them soon.

3. Pewter City Punks

Named after a city in Pokemon, the Pewter City Punks are a folk-punk group that have as many songs about pokemon as they do about political matters. Led by York spoken-word poet Henry Raby, the music these guys make is genre-spanning and perfect for those who like the political side of the genre, as well as those who like something a little lighter.

4. Carnival Rejects

It’s not 100% clear whether the Carnival Rejects are still active, but they were one of the most intense bands in the area, playing a ferocious form of hardcore that could blow your socks off. If they’re still gigging then be sure to catch them and, if not, their music is still well worth checking out.

5. Snakerattlers

Snakerattlers are a little different to some of the other bands on this list, being a duo consisting of Dan Oliver Gott & Naomi Gott. They play a form of rockabilly (think punk meets classic rock ‘n’ roll and you’re halfway there), and were quite well known as part of The Franceens before the band called it a day.

6. The Vexed

The Vexed are a band for the punk purists among us. They play no-holds-barred, hardcore street-punk, which is not for the faint of heart. They’re not dissimilar to the oi! bands that emerged in the late 1970s, with a raw sound quality that’s quite rare in this genre nowadays.

7. Segregates

Segregates are inspired by Motorhead, and make no effort to hide that influence. This isn’t a bad thing though, as they have managed to put their own spin on the so-called ‘motorpunk’ that Motorhead created, with the result being an extremely exciting sound that needs to be heard immediately.

8. Feed Them To The Forest

Feed Them To The Forest are more along the emo/pop-punk lines than some of the other bands mentioned here, but they’ve truly made the style their own. With great hooks and beautiful melodies, we think it’s highly likely that these guys will hit the big time, and it’s surely deserved. Having a song named Six Seasons & A Movie, a reference to cult TV show Community, can’t be a bad thing either.