Amber Run, For a Moment, I was Lost

British rock band from Nottingham, Amber Run have released their latest album For a Moment, I was Lost.

By Jane Howkins.

Amber Run had a fairly stressful 2016, what with losing a band member (drummer Felix Archer) and being dropped from their RCA/Sony record label. Thankfully however they’ve managed to pull through, having recently released a fabulous new album called For A Moment, I Was Lost.

   The title of this new release is fairly apt considering the events of last year. Bigger bands have split up over smaller events, and it must have been hard for the group to not feel disheartened. However, it’s clear that the group have put all that behind them, as FAMIWL is wonderful, with a nice mix of different styles in place. It’s also a much darker record than their first album 5AM, which is possibly representative of what was happening to the band during the writing process. This darkness adds an extra element to their music, with a soulfulness present in frontman Joe Keogh’s vocals and lyrics that wasn’t quite there before.

For those unaware of Amber Run, their music is probably best described as ‘indie’, with minimalistic and electronic elements present as well as louder ones more typical of the genre. One thing we really love about FAMIWL is how varied it is, with sounds changing rapidly, track by track. Tempos vary wildly, with the quiet Are You Home? showing a much different side of the band to the group that rocked out to proceeding track Dark Bloom. It’s this attitude and wilfulness to experiment that really helps Amber Run to distinguish themselves from the crowd, and it should provide the band enough of a distance from their peers to come out of their shell and make a mark on the musical world.

This is the sound of a band rising triumphantly from the ashes, instead of letting the flames engulf them. Welcome back boys – it’s good to hear from you again!