PIG – The Gospel

In late 2016, British post-industrial stalwart Raymond Watts released his latest album through his PIG project, entitled The Gospel. With gothic, anti-establishment themes sung over heavy synths, PIG’s sound is something akin to Black Sabbath if they formed in the ‘80s.

By Graeme Smith

30 years on, not much seems to have changed in Watts’ approach to music, something likely to delight his fans who have been there since the beginning. It’s easy to listen to The Gospel and pretend that the likes of Marilyn Manson, Rammstein and the ‘90s/’00s new wave of hardcore goth/industrial rock are yet to come. In fact, PIG shows up those who have risen to fame since as the pretenders to the throne that they are. This won’t necessarily put off new audiences either, who are perhaps hearing something like this for the first time.

PIG has been described as being more ambient than Watts’ other project KMDFN and this is certainly true of The Gospel, which grows more ambient as you move through the track list. The Fly Upon The Pin is a perfect example, with smatterings of acoustic Spanish guitar lilting over the relentless but mellow synths.

It comes as little surprise The Gospel is an ironic title, and the album’s eleven tracks lyrically have their sights firmly set on the dangers of organised religion as well as other norms and establishments that benefit their congregation while attacking outsiders. In this sense, the album’s timing is ideal, with some many of Western societies established rules being called into question at present. In fact, if the apocalypse is near, PIG would make an ideal soundtrack to the final days.

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The Gospel by PIG is available now and PIG will play live at Fibbers on Monday 13 March 2017.