Mallory Knox, Wired

English five-piece alternative rock band Mallory Knox have released their third studio album, Wired. 

By  Jane Howkins.

Wired is the new album from acclaimed rock band Mallory Knox, who have steadily built up quite the following since their formation in 2009, having gone from strength to strength since then.

Mallory Knox are a band that have been criticised in the past for being a bit too safe, and whilst that’s still true at times here, they have taken a few risks, which we’re very thankful for. Something that’s quite noticeable is the change in lead vocalist Mikey Chapman’s singing style. Whilst he still has the gruff, raspy voice that fans know and love him for, he’s also tried to go a little higher at times, with For You being one example of this. There’s quite a pop-punk hint to proceedings (which is perhaps not surprising considering the revival that genre has undergone over the last couple of years), which adds a touch of something different to the band’s usual rock sound.

However, there’s still nothing particularly game changing about Wired, and if you’re expecting anything more than a bog standard rock album then you may come away disappointed. It’s a bit of a shame really, as they’re obviously a talented band, but some of those ideas do need stepping up a bit more. It’s not really all that different from previous releases, so if you liked their earlier work then you’ll like this, however if you’re looking for something more groundbreaking then you’re best looking elsewhere for that. There’s definitely a lot of promise here, and what they have achieved is remarkable, but some more risk taking might really take things up a notch when it comes time to record their next album.

Wired is certainly not a bad album by any means, and it is fairly pleasant, but if they could just push the boat out a little more then we’d be looking at a completely different, and (dare we say it) more enjoyable record overall.