Awooga – Alpha

Alpha is Sheffield rock band Awooga’s debut EP. Fusing shoegaze, psych, prog and stonerdoom together, it proved to be an interesting first outing.

By Graeme Smith

The journey starts with the doom-ridden heavy riffs of Thief, played at a slow, swaying tempo, rock in half-time. It Invokes early 90s rock such as Soundgarden. On Intermission treads a little lighter. reminiscent of 90s Dave Gilmour-fronted Pink Floyd, Division Bell era, particularly in the drums and the echoing guitar riffs.

Where The Others Go takes up where Thief left off, with heavy riffs that wouldn’t be out of place on a 80s sci-fi film soundtrack. Closer Faultline introduces a new level of intricacy in the form of meandering lead guitar. Over eight and a half minutes, it falls then builds to something monumental.

Though a four-track EP, each song on Alpha is a wandering epic making this feel more like an LP. It’s a debut, but one that follows five years of gigging, so there is a level of fine craft here already. For Awooga’s fans, this will certainly be worth the wait, and it’s a fine example of their sound to bring in new listeners.

Alpha by Awooga is out now, available on their website.