Lower Than Atlantis at Leeds O2 Academy

During their UK tour to promote their latest album Safer in Sound, rock band Lower Than Atlantis hit the O2 Academy in Leeds with support acts Young Guns, Hands Like Houses and Roam.

By Sophie Grace

As the crowds started pouring in, five-piece pop punk band from Eastbourne, Roam, began playing their short set. As a relatively unheard of band, their set built up the energy in the room and provided great exposure for the band.

Next, Australian rock band Hands Like Houses took to the stage and had the crowd on their feet jumping within the first song. However, in their first few songs their heavy bass and drums overpowered the lead vocals making it hard to distinguish lyrics. Luckily the vocals picked up in the last few songs especially Glasshouse in which lead singer Trenton Woodley shined through and the bands energy was through the roof. One of the catchier songs, Colourblind showed the bands talents especially during the breakdowns and the Woodley’s amazing range of voice. Overall, Hands like Houses are a band to check out if you’re a fan of Lower than Atlantis.

The last support act, Young Guns, definitely lived up to the challenge of preparing the audience for Lower Than Atlantis. Young guns also had a much larger reception from the other two acts, having the crowds singing along to their more popular songs such as Weight of the World. Whilst the band were very talented it was lead singer Gustav Wood who stood out throughout the performance, testing his wide range of vocals especially during Bulletproof, with a voice similar to Rou Reynolds, lead singer of Enter Shikari.

Finally, it was time for Lower Than Atlantis to take over the stage. Drummer Eddy Thrower entered first and began to play as each member joined in to begin playing their first song taken from the new album, Had Enough. The band focused on the songs taken from their newly released album, Safer in Sound and, despite the album only being released last month, the crowd showed great enthusiasm and support, singing along at every opportunity. However, the band did play some old favourites such as Emily and Words Don’t Come So Easily during the set. Halfway through the set, lead singer Mike Duce took some time to explain what the new album’s title means to him:

‘With all the bullshit in your life, being a teenager is hard then being an adult is harder ‘cause who knows how to be an adult but with headphones on and a song playing you can block out the world, and that’s what being safer in sound is.’

Overall, Lower Than Atlantis showcased their talents once again. Starting off with their softer songs they successfully built the crowds energy up with their heavier songs, constantly encouraging the audience to get up on their feet and make as much noise as possible. They ended their performance on arguably their biggest two songs, English Kids in America and Here We Go in which Mike Duce took the opportunity to soak in the band’s successful night by crowd surfing to victory.

Young Guns, Hands Like Houses, Roam and Lower Than Atlantis played at the Leeds O2 Academy on Monday 13 March 2017.