Ben Marwood – Get Found

Get Found is the latest release from British singer-songwriter Ben Marwood, having made quite a name for himself within the contemporary London folk scene over the last few years. It is this scene that other artists such as Frank Turner, Helen Chambers (who Ben will soon be touring with), Johnny Flynn, and Laura Marling made their names, so hopes were held high for Get Found, and we did not come away disappointed.

By Jane Howkins

Marwood is every bit as good as those artists mentioned above, if a little less well-known. His music is perhaps a little simpler than some (it’s mainly just him and his guitar) but there’s a real passion in his music, and it shows. Marwood is more similar to Frank Turner vocally, as well as in terms of style and song structure, but he manages to do this without sounding like a carbon copy of Turner. Tracks like The Church Of No Commandments do have a similar sound to Turner, and there’s definitely a punky feel to a couple of the tracks, but Marwood isn’t as focused on political issues, with personal aspects instead taking up a big chunk of Get Found.

The singer-songwriter had a few health issues before releasing this album, and there was a point where he was unsure as to whether he would be able to release new music and tour but, thankfully, Marwood managed to get through it all, and is clearly on the mend. A couple of the tracks mention this illness, with I’m Wide Awake I’m Boring being a particularly thought-provoking song, as well as acting as a reference to the band Bright Eyes, who also seem to be be an influence.

There are a couple of songs that could be described as ‘filler’, and not every track seems essential, but overall, the songs on Get Found are very nice. We particularly enjoyed single Bury Me In The Pantheon and found Kick Out Kick On to be an eerie, yet beautiful piece of folk music, and thoroughly enjoyed Get Found. Marwood’s music is a nice mix between pop, and folk, with the odd punk element thrown in for good measure. Here’s hoping he’s finally illness free, and ready to continue on with his life!

Get Found by Ben Marwood is out on 7 April 2017.