Mayday Parade – A Lesson In Romantics, 10th Anniversary Edition

American rock band Mayday Parade remaster their debut album A Lesson In Romantics. We take a listen.

By Jane Howkins

Mayday Parade fans have been vying for a new release ever since their last album, Black Lines, came out in 2014. This latest release is not a new studio album per se but a remastered version of their debut album A Lesson In Romantics, which was much loved when it was first released, and will no doubt become the favourite album of a younger group of fans due to this re-release.

The album itself still sounds very good, however there are parts that seem a little dated now. That’s something to be expected, and it isn’t necessarily that much of a flaw, however it is something to be aware of. Due to nostalgia, it’s not unknown for fans of a band to imagine an album being different, or even better, to how it actually sounds, and that’s a trap to avoid falling into when checking this out. Many of the tropes on A Lesson In Romantics are of its time, and there have been quite a few British rock/pop-punk bands come out in the last decade, who have since built upon the sound Mayday Parade and their peers helped to create.

It’s still a fairly good album and it’s quite spectacular considering that this was their debut release. There are also six bonus tracks, all of which are demos of popular songs from the album, providing a different listening experience for fans who already have the album, although this is probably a better purchase for newcomers than people who are already Mayday Parade fans.

If you already own A Lesson In Romantics, then we’re not sure if we can wholeheartedly recommend the 10th Anniversary Edition to you. It’s not a bad album by any means and still stands up today (for the most part), however the bonus tracks don’t quite make the purchase necessary. However, if you’re a new fan then go ahead. Perhaps it’s time for the old guard to stand down and allow a new breed of fans to step forward.

A Lesson In Romantics, 10th Anniversary Edition By Mayday Parade is out now.