Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Since forming back in 1993, experimental rock band Spoon have had a small amount of commercial success, with some of their songs being featured on hit television shows such as The OC and How I Met Your Mother, as well as having had several critically applauded albums. However, they’ve never quite managed to reach the top, but Hot Thoughts could potentially be the album to do that.

By Jane Howkins

A little about Spoon’s music first. They play a form of indie rock that is rather experimental at times. The average rock/indie fan may not like all their stuff so much, but those looking for something a little deeper will find lots to enjoy. There are some of your more typical garden variety rock songs available on Hot Thoughts, with the title track opener and Can I Sit Next To You (which is a hit waiting to happen) sounding more like the sort of tracks that anyone can enjoy, but it’s the more experimental ones that are the most interesting.

Do I Have To Talk You Into It pushes the boundaries a little further, starting off sounding like a typical indie tune, before adding different flourishes and stylistic effects into the mix, with disco and electronic elements being present. Sceptics will say that the song sticks rather well to the Spoon formula, and they could well be right, but when the formula is this great, and the band can still manage to be this innovative, then we don’t really see what the issue is.

Hot Thoughts is a fun and innovative album that rarely misses. It doesn’t always go right for the band, but most of the time their experimental form of indie rock hits the mark, and maybe this is what it will take to finally push Spoon firmly into the spotlight.

Hot Thoughts by Spoon is available now.