Skull at 360 Club, Leeds

Following the release of their debut single, RPM, in November 2016, Leeds quartet Skull take further steps down their path of blistering and unfeasibly heavy riffs with the release of the follow up, Lightswitch, on 28 April 2017. The single will be launched at Leeds 360 Club on the same day and, if the launch for RPM was anything to go by, it’s destined to be an equally sweaty and memorable affair.

Lightswitch has one of the finest openings we’ve heard in a long time; a grinding rhythm that develops slowly and stealthily into a fury of guitars and drums, forever threatening to explode, as befits the song’s theme, into a thunderous climax. Towards the end it eventually does but not before the ebbs and the flows have again been explored, before finishing with a comedown that almost demands the obligatory cigarette. If a more lascivious song has been released recently, we haven’t heard it.

Singer and lyricist Jonny expands further: “It’s how we all go into love blind; that we should remember to take it slow but we can’t adjust to the feelings well enough. During the chase we imagine how great it could be and yearning takes over. Then the connection is made and, all the time, our heads are fighting our hearts. We daren’t take that leap for fear of giving ourselves over but our hearts tell us to risk it. We fear the bloodshed, the tears and the sickness of a broken heart. Hence the video.”

Ah, the video. As passionate and intense as the song itself, the video replicates the feelings Jonny describes with subtle and less subtle evocations of bloodshed, sickness and heartbreak. It’s an amazing piece of art. But one, perhaps, that you should take in before teatime.

Skull continue to harness the power, the experience and the dark humour they developed with their previous acclaimed band; everything released carefully and with consideration and with every fibre of their passion. With Lightswitch they have again created something special. We hope you’ll like it.

SKULL play the following dates this Spring:


Sat 15 DONCASTER Veritas Festival
Fri 28 LEEDS 360 Club @ The Lending Library | Single Launch


Sat 06 BRADFORD Underground
Wed 17 SHEFFIELD West Street Live
Thu 25 LEEDS Belgrave Music Hall | with Tom Hingley of Inspiral Carpets

Skull launch their new single Lightswitch at 360 Club @ The Lending Library, Leeds on Friday 28 April 2017.