Bear Trade, Silent Unspeakable

Punk band Bear Trade have come forward with the release of new album Silent Unspeakable.

By Jane Howkins

There must be something in the water in the North East of England at the moment. A recent influx of punk bands from the area have hit our inbox, and all of them have had something special about them whatever style of the genre they take on. Perhaps it’s the accent that sets such bands apart, but whatever it is, Bear Trade have it.

They are a nice mix between skate punk and folk punk, like what a combination between Lagwagon and Iron Chic might sound like. There’s definitely an American influence, however songs such as As Long As We Have Tea and Inglorious show off their English sensibilities to some degree. It’s also very honest sounding – something that fans of bands such as The Menzingers and The Gaslight Anthem will enjoy very much, perhaps suggesting a correlation between North East bands from the UK and the USA. Silent Unspeakable is a very personal record, and at times Robson seems to be quite simply pouring his heart out, but that’s endearing in a way, and it makes it all seem a lot more real than the frat boy topics that skate punk bands usually seem to deal with.

Good But Best has an absolutely addictive guitar riff, alongside a glorious hook weaving itself through frontman Greg Robson’s very British lyricisms. Pretty much every song on Silent Unspeakable is worth checking out, but other favourites include Sexy Beast, the aforementioned and very pleasant As Long As We Have Tea, and Endeavour Would Be An Understatement.

Silent Unspeakable is a great album from a great band, and one we are looking forward to hearing a lot more from in the future!