Marx – An Exaggerated Demonstration…

Hull emcee Marx’s debut EP An Exaggerated Demonstration of Potentially Fabricated Events has just landed. Dubbed “the hardest working emcee in Hull”, we had to get our hands on this one.

By Graeme Smith

Marx has launched his new EP, from here on referred to as An Exaggerated Demonstration… to save the word count, has been launched on an unsuspecting public by lead single I Can’t Rap. If ever there was a title to set Marx apart from conventional rappers, that was it. Despite the faux modesty, Marx spits words at pace with little respect for his contemporaries, and is reminiscent of Tyler The Creator as he does.

On An Exaggerated Demonstration…, I Can’t Rap is proceeded by two short almost tracks. Pretentious and Pointless is a one-minute explosion of lyrics that invokes revolution and shallowness in equal measure. My First Show must be autobiographical.

Chronophobic Prisoner adds another element to the EP, introducing Deezkid and Emma Fee to the ensemble, adding subtle harmonies and keys. It paints an honest picture of Hull, including all the reasons why anyone who’s spent some or all their life there will appreciate. Closing track Suicidal Sundays is perhaps the most poetic description of working the day after a big night out there has ever been.

It’s difficult to know where we stand with Marx. Is An Exaggerated Demonstration… a comedy album, many-layered social commentary, or an expert weaving of the two? Perhaps we’re reading too much into it. Either way it’s clear Marx enjoys generating his flow and, you know what, we love hearing it.

An Exaggerated Demonstration of Potentially Fabricated Events by Marx is available now.