The Sundowners

Following their recent visit to the Brudenell in Leeds, we posed a few questions to Liverpool’s The Sundowners to find out about their tour with Edgar Jones, what’s hot coming out of Liverpool and following the yellow brick road.

By Jane Howkins

You’re currently on a joint headline tour with Edgar Jones and the New Joneses. Were you excited for it, and did you already know each other?
Yes, we can’t wait for it. I knew Edgar from being in The Stairs. I loved Weed Bus when I was in school. I made a mix tape that had Creeping and Crawling by the Zutons, Weed Bus by The Stairs, The Coral, Pale Fountains, Teardrop Explodes, & Hokum Clones on it who I loved as well – that was my playlist for the bus. Ed also sat in on an early rehearsal of The Sundowners, we played Heart Full Of Soul by The Yardbirds and chatted about tunes.

You’re both on Skeleton Key Records, hence the tour! How are they as a label, and what other artists from the label do you recommend people check out?
They’re ace. Our first record had a big sound, and was quite ambitious for us, looking back in hindsight. But, we learnt so much and were encouraged by the label to dig deeper on the new record. I feel the new LP sounds how we want to sound production wise and we got to work with Andy Votel which I loved because people like that are rare in music and don’t bullshit so it was boss. We got to develop and find our sound which takes time. That’s what a label should encourage.

I’ve heard some of the new up and coming bands on the label and we recommend everyone check them out as soon as they start gigging: Peach Fuzz, The Mysterines, Mama Tung, Connah A. Plus we love Marvin Powell, Cut Glass Kings, Rory Wynne, and The Rituals.

You’re also from Liverpool. What is the music scene like there now and, having such a musical history, is it daunting at times? Or does that excite you and motivate you more?
I think it’s important to be a part the sound and history but also push against it to find your own sound. It’s in really good shape. There’s loads of bands and artists I’ve heard of and am excited to see develop. It’s hard as most bands have to work a job or two and find the time to be a band, but if you want it enough, you keep going. It’s just important to be unique, even at the cost of being commercial. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse when someone good sounds like everyone else or has that shit major label production. Real good bands have always rebelled against that.

Are either of you working on any new music at the moment? If so, what can you tell us about it?
We’ve started on some tracks. One involves our cult leader Mr.Votel playing drums on his radiator so we’re following the yellow brick road with that one (laughs).

Any last words for the fans?
Buy the album, buy a ticket to the gigs and don’t ask us for gesy (laughs).