Jesse Terry at The Basement

US-based, independent singer/songwriter is to play Great Escape, Dot to Dot Festival and a Callaghan support date at The Basement in 5th UK tour in 3 years.

Based out of the beautiful shoreline town, Stonington, Conneticut, independent artist Jesse Terry has self-released 3 albums and 2 EPs, and has toured around the world including appearances at Bonnaroo, the Philadelphia Folk Festival and many others.

In the UK, strong word of mouth has earned him promo appearances on BBC ALBA Television and Made in Tyne and Wear TV Networks as well as airplay in many regional BBC markets that included an in-studio performance with Billy Butler on BBC Liverpool/Merseyside.

Highlights from his 2016 UK tours include two sold out shows at the Green Note and an appearance at the Tiree Music Festival.

Jesse’s recently signed up with the Free Trade Agency. He plans to release his new album Stargazer in August. For more music and info go to Jesse’ website.

In May and June, Jesse will be touring the UK with stops at Dot to Dot Festival (Manchester on the 26th, Bristol on the 27th and Nottingham on the 28th) and at The Basement here in York on 6 June.

Jesse Terry plays at The Basement on Tuesday 6 June 2017.