Wendy Bevan – Love From The Moon

Wendy Bevan is a UK synthpop disruptor, producing dance-y yet ambient tracks featuring her distinctive, floating vocals juxtaposed with mechanical beats. Her Love From The Moon EP has just been released alongside a full-length album.

By Graeme Smith

The four-track EP starts with the album’s title track with Wendy sounding a little like Ray of Light-era Madonna. The EP features two versions of Love From The Moon, the album version and the slowed down and more percussion-heavy Bliscord Remix. The album version is closer to a pop hit.

Track three takes things in a gothic direction, with mellow, downer beats, suitably dreamy during the chorus where Wendy confesses to be Running From Waking. Final track Lover brings a sci-fi slant, with tinkling, cosmic synths and Blade Runner-esque grim beats.

Alongside being a musician, Wendy is also an accomplished photographer and there is very much a feeling of her curating her own style and aesthetic. Love From The Moon is difficult to pigeon-hole and that’s a good thing.  This EP feels like merely the threshold into Bevan’s world, with her full-length likely to be a completion of that journey. Our advice? Get both.

Love From The Moon by Wendy Bevan is available now.