Clean Cut Kid – Felt

Felt is the debut album from Clean Cut Kid, and we’re rather surprised about that, as they seem to have been around forever – in a good way! We very much enjoyed their last offering, EP We Used To Be In Love. The group have been steadily releasing music for the last couple of years, so it’s great to finally have a full album to listen to.

By Jane Howkins

You’ve probably heard a couple of Clean Cut Kid’s songs before (most likely Vitamin C), and some of them are included on the new album. Most of the tracks on Felt are similar in style to those that the band have already released but, having said that, it never gets boring, with each song having just enough individuality to garner attention.

The band seem to have a certain knack for crafting poppy hooks which mixes together well with their electro pop rock sound. It’s something that sounds better each time you listen to it. We promise that, after a few spins, you’ll have at least half of these songs stuck in your head all at once, and they’re almost addictive in how good they are. Most bands release their catchiest songs as singles to get people to purchase the album, but Felt seems to be the exception here, with pretty much all the tracks featuring hooks catchy enough to make them singles.

If you’re looking for something a little more innovative, then you might go away feeling slightly disappointed but those wanting a summery pop-rock album to get them in the mood will enjoy this and, for the most part, the song-writing is great. Here’s hoping Clean Cut Kid’s next album doesn’t take so long to come around!

Felt by Clean Cut Kid is available now.