Sandra’s Wedding – Northern Powerhouse

Sandra’s Wedding are a four piece band hailing from Goole. The band, Joe Hodgson (vocals), Jonny Hughes (guitars), Tom Hill (bass) and Luke Harrison (drums) recently released their debut album Northern Powerhouse.

By Adam Shorthouse

As the album begins, you will hear the love song and then you will hear the break up song. Though this may initally feel somewhat shallow, paying attention to the lyrics and second listen, you realised how deceptively deep this record is. Northern Powerhouse, put simply, is about the north. Issues such as the older generation, unemployment and tattered relationships are scattered all over the record. The issues are real and the music is raw.

Joe Hodgson manages to incorporate clever wordplay throughout the record, giving each track some real personality and unique qualities. One such instance, the band plays around with dark humour in the track Death By Hanging. This track in particular is a highlight. The funky, hip-swaying track pokes fun at the older generations archaic political views, in a manner to which all northerners can relate. Another notable track Hollywood is a bittersweet tale of life in a “ship-building town”. It’s a relatable track that will hit home hard for anyone who grew up in a small town, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Overall Sandra’s Wedding is an acoustic love letter to the north. The indie folk pop vibes are akin to bands such as Fleetwood Mac and it is the sort of the record you would have on full blast as you cruise down the coast with your windows down on a summer evening. We recommend you check out this album if you are looking for something relatable and bursting with personality.

Northern Powerhouse by Sandra’s Wedding is available now.