K Flay – Every Where Is Some Where

Every Where Is Some Where is the sophomore album from American singer-songwriter Kristine Meredith Flaherty aka K Flay. She’s still relatively unknown on these shores, but she comes highly recommended, as we found ourselves being blown away almost immediately on our first listen.

By Jane Howkins

K Flay makes music that would probably be best described as somewhere in between indie and electronica with a whole range of influences from across the board seemingly present in her work. We realise that describes practically every other artist on the scene now, but Every Where Is Some Where shows an artist that is different from the rest of the crowd, and well on the path to making a name for herself.

There’s a hip-hop element flowing underneath most of the album but it’s quite subtle to the point where it’s not all that noticeable until you’ve had a few listens. At times, Flaherty almost sounds as if she’s breaking out into a rap, but she manages to balance that with singing very well and the mix of genres sounds fantastic. Dreamers shows off both vocal styles, with the rapping parts featuring mostly in the verses, and the singing in the choruses.

There are a lot of good tracks on the album, but our favourite is Giver which starts off small with an addictive backing beat before building up into something more. At times, the melodies and Flaherty’s vocals remind us of Metric and frontwoman Emily Haines so fans of that band should also enjoy this.

Every Where Is Some Wwhere is a great album from a relatively unknown presence on the scene. Hopefully, that won’t last for too long, as K Flay’s music is far too good to remain underground.

Every Where Is Somewhere by K Flay is available now.