Jen Gloeckner – Vine.


Vine is the wonderfully weird and brand new album from performer and producer Jen Gloeckner. This art-pop record finds Jen moving away from the classic guitar, bass, and drum trifecta of her previous record Miles Away, instead engaging with the synthy stylings of electronica.

 By Adam Shorthouse.

Foremost, this album is not for everyone, but then again, it wasn’t built for everyone. Fans of traditional pop/rock might struggle to enjoy Gloeckner’s surreal vision for this record. That said, if you like out-there, experimental, and eerie music, then you will most certainly dig this record. From ambient instrumental trance beats on tracks such as Vine and Firefly, to hypnotic electronica on tracks like Breathe and Prayers, Jen explores a digital dreamscape with her unique outlook and phantasmagoric sound.

Each track feels like a fever dream, full of peculiar metaphors and hauntingly airy vocals matched with complex electronic, and sometimes even orchestral, instrumentals. But while each track is enjoyable on its own, the cohesive experience of Vine is a spectacular journey. As distorted sounds bounce from ear to ear and swirl around your headphones, (which we whole heartedly recommend when listening to the album), it is difficult to not fall into the dream-like state this album is clearly trying to induce.

Whilst we can eternally praise the instrumental portion of the record, the vocal talents of Gloeckner should also not go overlooked. Fans of Björk, FKA Twigs and Grimes’s aesthetic will be right at home with her unorthodox, dream-pop musical and lyrical stylings. She is seductive and hypnotic in her vocals, perfectly meshing with the cinematic instrumentals of Vine. Gloeckner is exceptionally diverse in her vocal stylings, with the seemingly natural talent move from a Lorde vocal on the track Prayers, to an Enya aesthetic on Ginger Ale. All the while, she keeps Vine very much her own.

Overall, Vine is an artsy, avant-garde and psychedelic romp through Jen Gloeckner’s spell-bindingly unusual headspace, and we are so happy to have experienced it with her. If you are looking for something fresh and unlike anything you have heard before then listen to this record. You will not be disappointed.