Eighteen Visions, XVIII

American metal band Eighteen Visions are set to release their latest album XVIII on the 2nd of June after a ten year gap.

By Jane Howkins.

XVIII is the latest album from hard hitting rockers Eighteen Visions, and it certainly packs a punch! It’s actually their first album since their official reunion earlier this year, having originally split up in 2007, and due to the sad demise of bassist Mick Morris in 2013, it seemed as though the band might never reunite, so fans must be stoked for this.

We’re a little unsure as to why the album is titled XVIII, considering that this is only their 7th full release, but whatever the case, it definitely makes a statement, which is perhaps what the band were going for. Eighteen Visions have always played metal music, but this time around it’s a lot heavier, with hardcore punk and metalcore influences abundant throughout.

Fans who joined the band when they started to achieve mainstream success back in 2006 might be shocked by the intensity of the songs on XVIII, and a good majority of the vocals are screamed instead of sung, but it’s still a fairly decent album – albeit one that might take some getting to used to! It’s actually quite similar to some of their very early work, which is certainly not a bad thing in our books. There is some filler, and it will take a few listens to start properly enjoying XVIII, but otherwise it’s fairly good for a comeback album.

The metalcore thing has become much more popular in recent years, so the band should definitely pick up some new fans here, and the hardcore punk elements are highly welcomed, bringing an edge of integrity back to the scene. Older fans may find themselves slightly put off by the intensity of the record, but we recommend listening to it a few times first, before putting it down. Hopefully, XVIII might just be the gateway drug to get some new fans into the hardcore scene.