Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind – Super Natural

Jim Jones & the Righteous Mind is the latest project from the much-acclaimed musician Jim Jones, who has become quite a staple in the rock ‘n’ roll music scene of late. His other projects have included groups such as Thee Hypnotics, Black Moses, and Revue, and not one to rest on his laurels, he’s back with a new band and a new album, titled Super Natural.

By Jane Howkins

The music on his latest record is pure, unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll, with an intensity present that seems to run throughout the whole album. It’s raw at times, and those uninitiated to Jones’s previous work might find it a bit much at first, but there’s something very real about it all, which we love. One example of this is on the fourth track No Fool, which builds up into an angry stomp, with an almost military style drumbeat combining with harsh riffs to create a highly emotional feeling of turmoil within the listener. It’s intense, but the ultimate payoff is worth it, demonstrating an epic sensibility to Jones and the rest of the band.

The album never changes from this dynamic, so it’s important to note that listeners looking for something a bit more easy-listening will probably go away disappointed, but it’s still a very rewarding and cathartic listen, especially when listening to the album in song order. Even when things sound as though they are letting up, there’s a tempestuous undercurrent to things. Shallow Grave shows Jones singing in a softer manner, but it’s still utterly creepy, with the bass rhythm and twinkling piano keys offsetting the underlying concept behind the song.

Super Natural is a great offering from Jim Jones, and the new band sound fantastic, so hopefully they’ll be here to stay this time around.

Super Natural by Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind is available now.