Pine – Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is the new EP from up and coming band Pine, set to be released on 9 June. The band’s first single Viable is available now.

By Adam Shorthouse

Pine are a post-punk, “emo-meets-shoegaze” band that recently signed to No Sleep Records. Their music perfectly encapsulates teenage angst, with an emotive pop-punk aesthetic that makes us nostalgic for the early days of bands such as Taking Back Sunday and Paramore.

The EP opens with Doyla, a slow and airy track that is decorated with dream-like guitar strumming and light vocals. Darlene Deschamps, the bands vocalist, yearns for acceptance as the rest of the band plays alongside her with gentle riffs and ethereal drumming. Musically, the track is calm, deep, and extremely easy to get lost in.

Viable, the bands lead single, is a track that brings out everyone’s inner teenage angst. It’s an emotional track all about falling in love with someone under unusual circumstances. Deschamps is extremely expressive and emotional in her vocal delivery, which matches perfectly with the lyrics. The combination of her passionate voice along with poignant lines such as “please disappoint me” makes Viable a track that maintains the signature emo edginess that is a welcome return to the early ’00s. The band also manages to seamlessly fuse upbeat bass lines with delicate guitars that form to make the grungy pop-punk sound that is ever so popular right now.

The next song (Un)rest is a haunting and eerie track about sleepless nights caused by missing someone. The track builds up into a crescendo, until there is an explosion of screaming guitars and pounding drum beats. The track eventually fades away into distortion, making (un)rest by far the most emotional song on the EP.

Jilt is by far the most complex track on the EP. It starts off slow, but quickly changes its tone into an atmospheric floaty ballad. Then, suddenly, the pop punk vibes increase as the track becomes more upbeat, and almost motivating. Before you even have a chance to catch your breath, the track begins to rise into its climax. “Cos I’m so sick of this pillow talk with you”, Deschamps declares, as the instrumental begins to crumble into a minute-long shrieking guitar solo fuelled by raw, untethered emotion.

The final track Blue Jacket is sombre in tone, and is a delicate song, much unlike the others on this EP. A gentle violin plays alongside an acoustic guitar, whilst our lead singer Deschamps expresses loneliness and isolation.

Overall, there are so many ways to enjoy this EP. On one level, the vocals offer up emotion and teenage nostalgia, and on another level the sound can be enjoyed as a summer post-punk classic to totally rock out to.

Pillow Talk by Pine is available 9 June 2017.