Royal Street – Flavors

Pop-rock band Royal Street bring the funk with new LP Flavors, to be released on 7 June. The Rhode Island band masterfully merge infectious dance beats with the oomph of a classic alt-rock sound, all tied together with some funky bass slaps. We can praise Royal Street for taking a saturated style, flipping it on its head, and making it their own.

By Adam Shorthouse

We were rather surprised by Flavors, as at first we didn’t expect it to be so funky. That’s all down to the bass that is ever so graciously licked throughout early tracks like Cranston Crank, The Chase, and Night After Night. Those familiar with Childish Gambino’s Redbone, Funkadelic’s One Nation Under A Groove, or even the Seinfeld theme will be happy to hear the slap bass is finally making its way back into pop music, as demonstrated in Royal Streets signature “pop-funk” style.

Along with the boogylicious bass riffs we love ever so much, the overall presentation of Flavors is as a stellar LP full of charm and spirit. It spaces out the funk with conventional (but great) indie pop hits such as Say Hello, proving that Royal Street aren’t just a one trick pony. The album is easy to dance to and extremely easy to lose yourself in. We can very much praise Royal Street for their expandability and ability to excel in multiple musical territories.

Royal Street’s ability to merge musical genres and make something that just works so well is what makes them a solid group. Viana Newton’s phenomenal vocal range is outstandingly fresh and is by far the highlight of the album. On tracks, such as The Good Things and Make Believe, her eccentric vocals easily steal the show, and make singing along inevitable.

Mainstream audiences will most definitely eat Flavors up as there is most certainly something on the menu for everyone. Classic pop/alt-rock mixed with funky hooks makes Royal Street a step above the rest. It’s quirky, it stands out, and we love it!

Flavors by Royal Street is available on 7 June 2017.