Guy Wampa & Justin Percival – Ammut.

Yorkshire based electronic duo Guy Wampa & Justin Percival recently released their second full length album Ammut which proves to be another step up for them, with experimental musical elements combined with thought provoking lyrics to showcase just what the group can do.

By Jane Howkins

Ammut is an incredibly soulful record, with Percival’s heavy vocals providing the perfect topping to Wampa’s lush soundscapes. There’s something incredibly bleak about the whole thing, however that’s not a criticism, but an acknowledgement of what the two have created here. Ammut truly sucks you into the dark world they have created. It’s almost futuristic, and whilst that does come with the genre’s territory, it’s especially highlighted here.

Things aren’t entirely bleak though, as Percival’s voice occasionally lifts a soft presence of hope dwelling in some of the melodies he puts forward. It’s very stunning at times, showing the more beautiful side of electronic music. Ammut was described to us as being rather like a fairy tale (albeit a dark fairy tale), and we can completely understand that, as whilst there is something about these tracks that is utterly captivating, there is also a dark undercurrent running underneath. At times, it’s almost downright eerie, but this is always done in a subtle way, such as in the ending to Remove The Mask. It actually reminds us a little of the album Daisy by Brand New, but obviously confined within a different genre.

Ammut is a fantastic second album for Guy Wampa and Justin Percival, and one that they ought to be very proud of. It’ll be interesting to see where they go next time, and what soundscapes they manage to pull together on their third effort!