Amycanbe – Wolf.

Amycanbe is an Italian alt-rock/pop group that have recently released their third record Wolf.

By Adam Shorthouse.

Wolf is a deep and emotional record that is easy to fall into, and even easier to get happily lost in. The slow progression combined with their beautiful merging of electronica and indie rock make for a relaxing and down-to-earth experience, perfect to relax to on a rainy summers day. Wolf is a chamber pop record, similar to other lo-fi, dream-pop bands such as The xx, and Of Monsters and Men, with Amycanbe merging easy going and atmospheric electronic music with delicate guitar riffs. It’s not exactly the type of record to get pumped to and ‘rock out,’ but rather, an album designed to establish a calming ambience.

Leisurely melodic drum beats collaborating with gentle and intricate guitar work create the foundation for Amycanbe’s airy and subtle aesthetic. What really makes them ‘their own thing’ however, is the pulsating and surreal electronic synth that decorates the record, establishing real depth and complexity to each track. For instance, Wolves stands out completely from the rest of the record, since it sounds almost industrial in places. This totally contradicts the rest of the album by totally moving away from the nature theme. That said, each track brings something unique to the table. A personal favourite of ours is Febbraio, which is a daydream-like track with a rustic vibe and eerie undertones.

Francesca Amati, the lead singer of the group, is also a stand out personality in the band. Her vocals are sweet, sultry, and mysterious. On the track Queens for instance, it is easy to draw similarities to artists such as Lorde. Amati has a lot of soul and passion, both of which heavily come across in this record.

It is very easy to fall into this record, and imprint yourself all over each track, especially since each track tends to be relatively ambiguous. This is what makes Wolf such a treat to listen to. The way you interpret each track totally changes how you might listen to them. For example, on first listen of  Queens, we heard an upbeat, positive track that was all about self-acceptance. But with more listens, a more anxious and desperate vibe starts to come across. That Wolf is a record that can constantly bring new meaning with each listen is most certainly special, and Amycanbe are certainly a special group.