The Amazons – The Amazons.

Reading indie band The Amazons have finally released their debut album, and it’s certainly been a long time coming! Having formed back in 2014, they’ve slowly built up a great following, teasing songs and a slew of gigs along the way.

By Jane Howkins

The Amazons is a fairly impressive debut, if a little cliché at times. That is something to be expected for a first time release though, and the positives far outweigh the negatives. For those uninitiated into the band’s workings, The Amazons play a form of indie rock that was popularised in the middle of the noughties, and later became known as landfill indie. They’re one of the better bands that have come out of the scene, and there is a lot less competition within the genre now, meaning that they have a much better chance of standing out.

They’re also a lot more rock based than many of those bands were. Whilst they do have a similar sound, and fans of the genre will be reminded of a lot of those bands, there’s a heavier style to this group’s sound, and they lean a lot further towards the rock genre, which is definitely a good thing. It starts to fall short a little in terms of being entirely unique (reminding us again of the term landfill indie), however there is still a lot of potential here, and we feel assured that the band will manage to change things up a bit in the future to create something really special.

The Amazons have been steadily winning praise for their debut, from both critics and fans alike, so their future certainly looks bright. This record won’t change the world, but it does provide a nostalgic look back on an often misunderstood genre. We really recommend checking these guys out, as they are definitely ones to watch!