Modern Sky UK Sampler

The Liverpool-based sister company to Modern Sky Beijing, Modern Sky UK has released a four-track sampler, entitled The Future Influences The Present Just As Much As The Past, featuring some of their coolest acts to introduce the imprint to the UK music scene. Featuring Catholic Action, FUSS, Violet Youth and Pixey, the sampler proves to be an intriguing prospect.

By Graeme Smith

Kicking off with Catholic Action, their track Doing Well channels the spirit of Merseybeat with up-tempo, twangy, indie guitar and an earworm chorus. Things then mellow down with the dreamlike Fluff by FUSS. Reverberating strings and keys create the perfect lazy summer afternoon soundtrack.

The slower pace continues into Violet Youth’s Lucid Dreams, which wouldn’t feel out of place on the Twin Peaks’ soundtrack. Subtle bass and vocal harmonies seems to be the label’s signature.

Closing things is the surf-rock sound of Pixey and her track Hometown. With a sound akin to Drums, who had some short-lived fame with their track Best Friend, Pixey brings the sound firmly to the UK, with an ode to Liverpool.

This is a snazzy four-pack delivered by Modern Sky, and one to which you’ll find yourself returning again and again. Cohesive but varied in sound, it’s plenty enough to wet our collective whistles. Here’s hoping for a bright future for the passionate Modern Sky imprint.

Modern Sky UK Sampler is available now on SoundCloud.