‘68 – Two Parts Viper.

Two Parts Viper is a particularly apt title for this album, as it’s one of the most frenetic and enraged records we’ve heard in a long time.

By Jane Howkins

The members of ‘68 certainly seem to have a lot of pain and anger to release, which they seem to have done on this, their second full length album together.

‘68 are a duo made up of Michael McClellan on drums and Josh Scogin on guitar and vocals, and their line-up is actually rather surprising, considering the amount of noise they manage to create on each track. They sound as if they’re a full five piece band instead of a duo, and we’d be interested to see how they would recreate their sound on stage.

Fans of heavy music might recognise Scogin’s name, and that’s because he used to be a member of bands Luti-Kriss, The Chariot, and Norma Jean, having sang for all three of those groups in the past. If you were or ever have been a fan of the aforementioned groups, then you’ll probably have a good idea of what to expect from ‘68, as Scogin hasn’t strayed too far from the noisy path here. On the other hand, considering how good Two Parts Viper is as a whole, it seems he didn’t really need to.

It’s definitely one of those albums that you need to listen to a few times over in order to fully appreciate it, and it’s downright eccentric at times. However, fans of Scogin’s earlier work should know what they’re in for, and it’s really a niche group of people that ‘68 are looking to impress.

There truly are some genius moments on the album, and you can never quite predict what the duo are going to do or come up with next. If you like hardcore punk, extreme metal, or noise rock, then you’ll get something out of this, and we highly recommend you check it out.