Sibling – Dream You Away.

   Dream You Away is the latest EP by post-rock group Sibling, and it’s quite impressive for such a new band.

By Jane Howkins

The musical style of the group also includes what sounds like some pop-punk influences (although a lot of that seems to be to do with vocalist Benio Baumgart’s singing style), and it all makes for a nice mix when put together.

There are four tracks on Dream You Away, with the first one, Love/Sick, being their first single released from the EP. It tells the story of a toxic relationship and the strain that that can put one under, and is apparently quite a common theme throughout the EP as a whole. There’s a consistency and flow between songs that’s more than just lyrical, with each tune sounding like the next song in a rich tapestry of soundscapes, following on from one another in perfect harmony. Sometimes when you listen to a record it just sounds like a collection of random songs put in a random order, but on Dream You Away, Sibling have managed to find a linear pattern within their music, and have put that to good use – which certainly bodes well for any future albums they might release.

There are some generic elements here, and they don’t sound all that different from a lot of the other bands that are currently attempting to do the same thing. Sibling are good, but they need a little something more to make themselves sound great, and set themselves apart from the crowd. Dream You Away shows a lot of hope for the future though, and we’re excited to hear what the band can do next time around.