Courage My Love – Synesthesia

Courage My Love are a rock trio based in Kitchener, Ontario, fronted by twin sisters Mercedes and Phoenix Ann-Horn, who play alongside bassist Brandon Lockwood. The group were discovered at a battle of the bands event near their hometown back in early 2010, and since then have been constantly on the rise.

By Jane Howkins

Synesthesia is their latest record, and is the group’s second full length album, after their first record, Becoming, was released back in 2015. When the band first came to prominence, their music was along the same lines of early Paramore, with a pop-punk style that isn’t heard too much anymore. However, on Synesthesia, the band have changed their sound somewhat (also incidentally like Paramore have), and have taken on some electronic elements, sounding more like a rock band than a pop-punk one.

Like with Paramore, it’s a welcome change for the most part, and the improvement is huge. Whereas before they sounded slightly generic, and didn’t stand out much from the crowd, this time around Courage My Love have grown into themselves a bit more, and with that, seem to have grown more comfortable with the idea of creating music for themselves, instead of to please others. Ironically, they’ll probably end up pleasing more people this way, as the songs on Synesthesia are a class above those that came before.

Courage My Love haven’t gone the whole hog with the electronic things, which is just as well considering that it’s quickly becoming the norm in the modern music industry. However, they’ve manage to use these new elements to their advantage, and have vastly improved upon their style, sounding more original than ever – something that’s very welcome from us!

Synesthesia by Courage My Love is available now.