Nev Cottee

We interviewed Nev Cottee ahead of his performance at the newly formed festival Cotton Clouds on Saturday August 12th.

Interview by Jane Howkins.

You’re playing at the newly formed Cotton Clouds Festival, in Saddleworth. Are you excited about that? How does it feel to have been asked to perform at a brand new festival?

Yep can’t wait. It’s close to where I grew up so a kind of hometown gig for me. Infact I think the site is pretty close to where me and my mates used to go picking mushrooms before wandering around the hills and talking to sheep.

Who else are you looking forward to seeing on the bill?

The Sugarhill Gang of course. My brother had Rapper’s Delight on 12″ and like everyone else we played it it again and again and perfected our rapping skills. I was a Master G man myself.

Do you have any other festivals planned for the year? If so, what are they, and which are you looking forward to performing at the most?

I’m hopefully playing Ramsbottom Festival/Head For The Hills which is always right at the end of festival season – so a great end to the year. I have a load of mates who live up that way who come along so always a winner.

Why do you think people should come and see you play at Cotton Clouds Festival, and what can people expect from a typical festival show?

Because I am fucking brilliant.

Also I’ll be playing tunes from my new album Broken Flowers which came out earlier this year. It’s heavy stuff. But not Napalm Death heavy…

Any last words for the fans?

Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars…. Come along, check out my band, say hello. I’ll be sticking around for what should be a great festival. Well done to my mate Rick Lees for putting it all together…