Imagine Dragons – Evolve.

Imagine Dragons are one of those bands that people either love or hate, and a lot of that hate is due to their popularity, which many see as undeserved. That’s an unfair assessment really, as they’re certainly a talented bunch.

By Jane Howkins

There isn’t much on Evolve that could be described as rock, and what does exist in that area is more pop-rock, than rock itself. That’s not a bad thing, and most of the songs present on the album are great, but it’s unfair to put the band in a genre that they don’t belong in.

Most of their songs have electronic elements and it’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular, with many of these tracks catchy enough to belong in the charts. Dancing In The Dark is one such example of this, with autotune being unashamedly used throughout, and Believer (our favourite song from Evolve) sounds like the next big hit for the band. It’s very catchy, and even haters will find that the song gets stuck in their heads. It’s also important to point out that the title of the album seems to be particularly fitting, as there definitely is some musical evolution here. New elements have been brought in, and as well as a modern pop vibe, there’s also an 80s’ theme, with Mouth Of The River being a major contender.

Evolve is a good album, and sounds like a natural progression for Imagine Dragons. From casual listeners to long time fans, most should lap this album up.