Lullaby – Never Let The Devil In

Lullaby are an interesting group. They’re a rock band that are about to release their debut EP, and yet they sound much more accomplished than they really ought to. There’s a swagger and a confidence that seems to surround them that shows a band that know that they’re good, even if they are a little cocky with it.

By Jane Howkins

The rock genre has become somewhat stagnant of late, but bands like Lullaby show that there is a bright future ahead. Their music is a mixture between the desert rock stylings of Queens of the Stone Age, mixed in with more modern indie rock artists, with an element of early 1990s grunge tacked on. It sounds like a strange mix, but it works, and the band are clearly unashamed to wear their influences on their sleeves.

Why Don’t You Love Me sounds like it could be a Soundgarden song, whereas first track A Lie has the weird guitar tones and vocal hooks that made QOTSA such a big name back in the day. Animal, on the other hand, could have come from a Kings of Leon album, and whilst it’s a good song, this is the area in which we feel the band let themselves down, as it’s a little generic (which goes with the territory of that style really).

Never Let The Devil In is an impressive EP for Lullaby, especially considering that it’s their first release as a band. They seem to have a large range of musical influences, and so it will be interesting to see what else comes out next time around.

Never Let The Devil In by Lullaby is out on Friday 20 October 2017.