Noah Gunderson – White Noise

White Noise is the latest album from singer-songwriter Noah Gunderson, after his critically acclaimed record, Carry The Ghost, was released two years ago.

By Jane Howkins

When we say singer-songwriter, he’s more of a full band/electric guitar kind of guy than one of these mournful, acoustic singer-songwriters that seem to have become so popular of late, with his music being backed by a full band  on most of these tracks.

He’s gained some recognition of late due to his some of his songs being played on several tv shows such as Sons Of Anarchy, The Vampire Diaries, and The Following, so fans of those shows may recognise his powerful vocals and sound, even though Gunderson has remained somewhat under the radar with his previous two releases. White Noise is all set to change things up a bit, with an intense wall-of-sound production style meshing well with the singer-songwriter’s strong vocal delivery and lyricisms. His music is largely pop based, but that isn’t a detraction, as it’s the good type of pop that Gunderson delivers.

There are a lot of emotions running throughout White Noise, from across the sensory spectrum. Because of this, it seems that there should be something to like here for everyone, and it’s really a testament to Gunderson that he feels so at ease with putting his heart on the line in this way, as there really are some tender moments here. It all makes for a great third release, and hopefully one that will lead to more recognition for Gunderson and his companions.

White Noise by Noah Gunderson is out now.