Au Revoir from York Calling!

As of today, York Calling is going on hiatus until the end of the year, with a view to return next year in a different format.

“After nearly four years of effort and much deliberation, I’ve decided to put York Calling on hiatus, as of now and until the end of the year,” explains Editor in Chief Graeme Smith. “It’s been a busy and rewarding four years, but now is the time for a break! If we’ve already committed to covering something for you, we still will, but from this point we won’t be accepting any new opportunities.

“However, this is not goodbye, just au revoir, as York Calling is likely to return in a new format next year once I work out what that format will be exactly!

“Thank you for all the support that everyone has given us over the years. It really has been an overwhelming response to something that I launched out into the world with no real idea of what would happen. Please stay in touch with us on social media and we’ll keep you posted of what’s next for our mission to promote music and arts in York and beyond!”