The Lillingtons – Stella Sapiente

Stella Sapiente is the latest album from punk rockers The Lillingtons, and it’s yet another decent release from the Wyoming band. They’ve drawn comparisons with The Ramones over the years, however this album shows them to be a more complex band than before, with interesting melodies and riffs starting in the very first song, Golden Dawn/Knights Templar.

By Jane Howkins

There’s a dark theme to the record, which seems to continue into the next track and single, Insect Nightmares. There’s an almost dystopian sound to things (it may seem like a strange description, but listen and you might get it), which continues into Night Visions – a track perhaps perfectly titled for the style of the song. As well as the older punk influence, there also appears to have been quite a large ’80s impact on the band, with us being reminded repeatedly of The Cure, and Night Visions certainly has that goth tinged electronic sound to it that made them so popular. It’s a particularly eerie track, which is a theme that seems to run throughout the entirety of Stella Sapiente.

When interviewed about this album back in August, the band stated that they had written it with the hope that it would change all preconceived notions about their music. They certainly seem to have done so, as Stella Sapiente is rather different to their previous work, although fans should still enjoy it. They’re still making great punk music, but this time around it has a darker sound to it, and we absolutely love it.

Stella Sapiente by The Lillingtons is out on 13 October 2017.