Keep Dancing Inc – Initial Public Offering

New Romantics Keep Dancing Inc have released their debut EP Initial Public Office. Will it float and do the business or are the Parisian trio writing cheques they can’t cash?

By Graeme Smith

Initial Public Offering is a little retro. It could definitely be playing in an indie disco circa 2005 and no-one would bat an eyelid. It feels as if Keep Dancing Inc may have gone to the same music school as their compatriots M83.

This isn’t a criticism, it’s the sort of sound that has been missing in the current music scene and provides a nice relief from the current dancehall knock offs that are flooding the chart. With ’80s influences too, Keep Dancing Inc are bound to have a broad appeal. Not to say, there isn’t an edge here, particularly when the bass kicks in towards the back of track two Rhum & Ginger Magic. It’s the kind of sound you’d expect in the background of a dinner party. See also the driving disco beat and electric guitar of How Should We Feel?

Paris has a unique music scene, one of which the rest of the world rarely gets a glimpse. Perhaps Keep Dancing Inc will be our next glimpse. They certainly have all the right elements and surely an indie-electronic revival will on the cards in the next few years. I expect by then Keep Dancing Inc will have a full-length or two out by then and their initial public offering will be a diverse portfolio.

Initial Public Offering by Keep Dancing Inc is out now.