Fireball Fuelling the Fire Tour 2017

Last week, the annual Fireball tour emerged once again, with a line-up set to make any pop-punk fan unable to attend feel jealous. This year’s event had a series of varying artists depending on the city played, with the Leeds date featuring Sweet Little Machine, Mad Caddies, Anti Flag, and Reel Big Fish, with local competition winners also playing at each date.

By Jane Howkins

Unfortunately, we missed the competition winner for Leeds and Sweet Little Machine, however we managed to catch the other three bands, and still had a fantastic night. It was our first time seeing Mad Caddies and Reel Big Fish (we missed them at Slam Dunk Festival this year), but would go and see them both again. Mad Caddies were extremely fun, and their songs were also incredibly catchy, starting the party off nicely.

Next up were Pittsburgh punks Anti Flag, who are the odd ones out on this tour. Most of the other bands are along the ska punk lines, whereas Anti Flag are political punk, with a hardcore edge. Those that know the band will know that they have a very strong political viewpoint in one direction, which could understandably put off listeners who veer in the other direction, however they have some good points to make that anyone can agree with, and put on a very frenetic show.

Lastly, it was time for Reel Big Fish to take the stage, and they did it with style. They were definitely the most fun band we saw that night, with lots of beachballs being chucked into the crowd throughout their set, with the band dancing along. They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, but then why should they, when pop-punk can be this fun?

Fireball Fuelling The First Tour took place at Leeds Academy on 15 October 2017.