Muskets – Chew

Chew is the debut record from grunge inspired rockers Muskets, and we’re happy to say that it has much more in common with the version of grunge made popular in the early 1990s, instead of the poor copycats that have followed in recent years.

By Jane Howkins

The Brighton band have firmly established themselves within the bars of the DIY scene of their hometown, and they have been hotly tipped as one of the next bands to break out of the underground music scene in the UK. The energy that emerges from the tracks on Chew is fascinating, and the way the band have melded this feeling with the wonderful melodies they purvey is fabulous, with huge choruses accompanying massive riffs throughout.

There’s also an element of present that reminds us of emo bands such as Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, especially in terms of the vocal delivery of frontman Alex Cheung’s lyric. The backing vocals combined with his voice is especially reminiscent of the earlier work of those groups mentioned above, which occasionally sounds a bit cheesy, however it does work for the most part. It’s also fairly obvious that Muskets have been influenced by a lot of the post-hardcore bands that came from the 90s, with Fugazi and At The Drive-In being an obvious influence, and one that is somewhat surprising to hear in the world of modern rock.

There is a small part of us that hopes that Muskets will sway further towards their grunge and alt rock roots, but Chew is still a good debut, and we love the way the band have brought multiple genres together. Brand New managed to grow, so surely Muskets can!

Chew by Muskets is out now.