The Wonder Years – Burst and Decay

Burst and Decay is a recent EP released by pop-punk band The Wonder Years, which sees them instead releasing an acoustic EP, containing different versions of some of their most popular works.

It’s not the first time that the band have gone down this avenue, so it’s not quite uncharted territory, however considering that they’re a band more known for their electric pop-punk style, this is something a little different from the usual, and it’s something we welcome with open arms.

The tracks contained here are several from what one might consider to be their greatest hits, with tracks from records Suburbia, The Greatest Generation, and No Closer To Heaven being featured here. The band’s music has always had an emotional edge to it, and these acoustic versions make that even more clear, with a cover version of There, There seeming especially poignant.

It’s true that this is just a stopgap until their next album arrives, and we realised that there are a lot of fans patiently waiting for that who might be a little annoyed that their latest offering is just some acoustic versions of already released tracks, however Burst and Decay provides a different way to look at and listen to some of the better songs from The Wonder Years’ back catalogue, and should tide fans over until the next album is released. These songs won’t be essential for everyone, (especially the more casual fans), however diehard fans will love this, and should pick the EP up.

Burst and Decay by The Wonder Years is out now.