Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain

This isn’t our first time reviewing Courtney Marie Andrews, and if our memory is correct, we recall that the last time we reviewed her music we enjoyed it, but found it to be a little average. This time round, Andrews’ music seems to have vastly improved, with us being pleasantly surprised by the results.

By Jane Howkins

The album isn’t massively different from her previous work, but it most certainly shows an artist going from strength to strength, crafting her song writing, step by step. Andrews seems to be trying to stray away from the classic singer-songwriter tropes that have started to permeate the movement, meaning that hopefully she will be able to buck the trend completely, and move away from such pitfalls. There is still a massive country element present in Andrews’ music, however that seems to have been phased out a little more this time around, which is definitely a good thing in our eyes. It is the more folk infused songs that we find to be more worthwhile here, with the upbeat, country songs sometimes coming across as a little cheesy.

Of course, this isn’t a perfect record. There are still moments that meander, and certain songs seem to suspiciously sound very similar to other tracks released by singer-songwriters in the past, with the title track reminding us of a rather famous Sarah McLachlan song. It almost seems as if Andrews wants to move forward, but at the same time she has had to include some of those older elements into the mix – perhaps in order to keep older fans satisfied.

May Your Kindness Remain is overall a great record, and one that is a big improvement on this singer-songwriter’s older music.

May Your Kindness Remain by Courtney Marie Andrews is out on 23 March 2018.